The Principal Secretary, State Department of Immigration and Citizen Services,

National Steering Committee at Villa Rosa Kempiski Hotel Nairobi

Amb. Prof. Julius Bitok speaking during the unveiling the


Government and World Food Programme Collaborate

to Support Vulnerable Populations in Kenya

The PS Interior, Amb.(Prof.) Julius K. Bitok, High Commissioner for Refugees, Mr. Filippo Grandi,

DRS Comissioner for Refugee Services, Mr. John Burugu

during the World Refugee Day celebration at Kakuma Refugee Camp

UNHCR Country Representative, Caroline Van Buren

Registration Officers taking fingerprints

Registration officers renewing refugee ID cards

World Refugee Day performance in Kakuma Refugee Camp

Refugees and asylum seekers showcase artwork in Kakuma Refugee Camp

Refugees and asylum seekers showcase artwork

Refugee showcase artwork in Kakuma

DRS - UNHCR Marshall Plan team

Latest News

Kenya Marks a Significant Milestone with the Unveiling of Operational Regulations for the Refugee Act No. 10 of 2021

By Stanley Nyale

Published on February 2nd, 2024,

In a significant development, Kenya has officially gazetted the operational regulations for the Refugee Act No. 10 of 2021, demonstrating a crucial commitment to fortifying the rights and inclusivity of refugees within the nation. The Act came into effect in February 2022. Many of the clauses started being implemented immediately, while others will now be implemented fully following the gazetting of these regulations.


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Kenya launched a Marshal Plan National Steering Committee of 18 Principal Secretaries to come up with the Refugee Marshal plan on 9th May 2023. The Marshal Plan is a shift in refugee policy from aid-dependency to refugee self-reliance and development.


Refugee and Asylum population at a Glance

Kenya is a host to approximately 691,868 refugees and asylum seekers as of 31 December, 2023. This population comprises of 531,911 (78%) refugees and 152,951(22%) asylum-seekers. The population continues to increase rapidly compared to the previous months as a result of registration of new arrivals and resumption of registration services in Dadaab refugee camp.

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