Our Services

  1. Registration of Asylum seekers and refugees in Kenya
  2. Issue Asylum seeker passes and identification documents to refugees
  3. Process and issue movement passes to refugees
  4. Recommendation for refugees to be issued with Conventional Travel Documents (CTD) when necessary
  5. Recommendation for refugees to be issued with class-M work permits when necessary
  6. Issue exit stamps to bona fide refugees leaving for resettlement
  7. Coordination of humanitarian assistance programs to refugees and surrounding host communities
  8. Addressing refugee needs and referring them to relevant authorities
  9. Promotion of durable solutions for refugees in Kenya
  10. Managing refugee camps, reception and transit centers
  11. Authorization for visits to camps
  12. Relocation of refugees
  13. Advising the government on refugee management
  14. Refugee Status Determination (RSD)