Information and Communication Technology Unit


The Information Communication Technology (ICT) function entails maintaining ICT standards within Government; spearheading Information Communication Technology Authority (ICTA) initiatives in the Service; application of Information Communication Technology; systems analysis and design, developing and implementing computerized information systems in the Public Sector; carrying out research and development on ICT standards, guidelines and approaches and coordinating their consistent and efficient application in the Public Sector; formulating and developing Government information infrastructure; coordinating and developing ministerial/departmental websites; coordinating the development of the national ICT policy and regulatory framework; and computerization effort in the public sector; providing advisory services to ministries/departments on all matters related to ICT; training on the use of computers, relevant software packages and developing customized applications; providing hardware maintenance support services; and liaising with hardware vendors for administration of guarantees and warranties.


In line with the RAS functions, the mission of the ICT Unit is to leverage the use of information and communication technologies to enhance secure immigration and identification services, and provide an enabling environment for ICT to thrive.

Strategic Objectives

  • Setting up IT strategies in the department in line with ICTA.

  • Support the implementation of different ICT Systems in the department.

  • Manage the Refugee Registration System in various registration centers, always ensuring that the system is up and running.

  • Ensure that the Departments’ IT assets are safeguarded and properly maintained in good working condition.

  • Update the standard of IT systems and equipment in use.

  • Provide support to the Procurement unit in the purchase of necessary IT equipment, software and services through the normal tendering procedures.

  • Oversee the implementation and maintenance of technology infrastructure and changing business requirements or technological advancements.

  • Develop and manage the ICT plan and budgeting for the ICT services to ensure that resources are adequately used to yield better services.

  • Prepare strategic and operational plans for the ICT unit to ensure that all necessary ICT tools, processes and systems are in place to meet the department requirements.

  • Provide support related to ICT capacity building.

  • Support other sections of RAS in their daily activities requiring the use of IT systems and applications.