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  • PS. Amb. Prof. Julius Bitok speaking during the unveiling the National
    Steering Committee at Villa Rosa Kempiski Hotel Nairobi

  • World Refugee Day celebration at Kakuma Refugee Camp

  • Registration officers renewing refugee ID cards

  • Registration Officers taking fingerprints

Welcome to the Department of Refugee Services

The Department of Refugee Services (DRS) is a statutory body established under the Refugee Act 2021 and which is mandated to undertake the management and assistance of refugees and asylum seekers in the country. Among the major services offered by the Department of Refugee Services are to receive and register refugees and asylum seekers and to issue them with important documentation.
For decades, Kenya has been host to over 700,000 refugees and asylum seekers who reside mainly in the two refugee camps of Dadaab and Kakuma for decades. The population keeps growing as a result of the resumption of the registration of Somali nationals in the Dadaab refugee camp that had been halted for more than five years.   

16 June

Day of the African Child

9am   -   Nairobi
22 March

International Women's Day

9am   -   Nairobi